Building Better Ways of Working

Every Challenge is a Chance to Prove Our Skills

Our job goes beyond delivering exceptional work in the field safely. As your partner, we strive to answer your challenge with innovative solutions that maximize quality output, minimize safety risks, and modernize projects. Our innovative approach to answering your toughest challenges delivers better work, faster and more cost-effectively.

We bring experience, perspective, and technology to every one of your projects so we can deliver work more efficiently and help you build a better business. Our expertise and strong union relationships enable us to scale projects from small to mega and everything in between.

Our focus is delivering predictable results

Our Quality is Our Customers' Safety

The impact of our work stretches far beyond the project details and completed tasks. The products we fabricate and our work in the field become the everyday workplace for your team. Quality craftsmanship and safety matter most, so we are committed to delivering excellence.

Quality Standards & Certification

Our quality program is based on and audited using ASME guidelines. Enerfab craftworkers are certified in more than 1,500 ASME Section IX weld procedures.

01 ASME Certificates
  • U – Unfired Pressure Vessel
  • U2 – Division 2 Pressure Vessels
  • S – Power Boilers
  • PP – Pressure Piping
02 NBIC Certificates
  • NB – Registration of Boilers & Pressure Vessels
  • R – Metallic Repairs & Alterations (Shop & Field)
03 Additional Certificates & Memberships
  • AISC
  • API 650/620
  • ASNT (SNT-TC-1A)
  • AWWA
  • AWS
  • Material Technology Institute (MTI)
  • NACE
  • SSPC
  • Steel Tank Institute (STI)/Steel Plate Fabricators Association (SPFA)
  • The Edison Welding Institute (EWI)
04 Welding Processes & Procedures

Over 1,500 ASME-qualified procedures including:

  • Stainless/Duplex Steel – P6 to P8/P10H
  • Nickel Alloys – P41 to P47
  • Carbon/Alloy Steel – P1 to P5/P9 to P15E
  • Clad – All Combinations
  • Aluminum Alloys – P21 to P25
  • Copper Alloys – P31 to P35
05 Material Capabilities
  • Austenitic
  • Superaustenitic/Nickel
  • Duplex
  • Chrome-Moly
  • Carbon Steel
  • Combinations of Clad Materials

Project Planning & Execution

Our internal project management process aims to eliminate quality issues and deliver a best-in-class result. Your designated project team carefully orchestrates your project through each phase of this proprietary process, which includes the following:

Technology & Innovation

As our customers and markets grow, we strive to stay ahead by introducing new technology, innovation, and unique ways of working that create safer, more efficient projects, job sites, and shops. The technologies below just scratch the surface of our innovative approach to your projects.

01 Efficient Project Delivery

At Enerfab, we recognize that the job isn’t done until it arrives safely at your job site or facility.

We leverage our shop capabilities, in-house digital drawing and document display kiosks, and partners to deliver your project and meet your speed-to-market goals.

02 Scheduling

As a vertically integrated company, we leverage our shop and field capabilities to control the project schedule from concept to completion.

03 Supply Chain Management

Through our affiliate companies, long-standing vendor relationships, and diverse supplier networks, we offer expanded scopes and turnkey solutions.

As a result, we are your single source provider, enabling more control over project timelines and delivery.

04 Rapid Response

Production begins on day one when planning, engineering, and execution coincide to meet your tight turnaround window. We work alongside you every step of the way to ensure that safety and quality are never sacrificed even with accelerated timelines.

05 3D Laser Scanning

Scanning technology quickly captures over 3 million data points on facility structures and systems to produce near-perfect 3D models.

  • Scanning – Digital scanning shortens shutdowns and mitigates safety risks while capturing data much quicker than traditional measuring processes.
  • Engineering & Design – Once captured, scans enable accurate design review and estimates before construction to optimize the constructability of even the most complex projects.
  • Project Control – Throughout the life of the project, 3D scans aid in verifying equipment installation, tracking project status, and ultimately closing the communication loop with more consistent data.
  • Modular Application – By leveraging these data points, the scanning helps us be sure that your modules fit precisely each time.
06 Welding Technology & Automation

Robotic welding has enabled the craftworkers in our fabrication shops to increase throughput without sacrificing quality. These robots support our skilled welders while shortening production time and maximizing available fabrication space.

  • Cold Wire GTAW Welding: With the addition of automatic wire feed, deposition rates can approach that of GMAW while realizing GTAW quality.
  • Narrow Groove Welding: This welding technique is used on heavy-wall vessels to create the best metallurgical condition by minimizing heat-affected zones and reducing angular distortion. It also decreases the quantity of consumables necessary to complete the joint and lessens weld durations. A good example would be the manufacture of CrMo pressure vessels used in hydrogen refining applications.
  • Weld Overlay: Weld overlays in single or double thickness utilizing GMAW, SAW, and ESW techniques. Enerfab complements weld overlay through our in-house machining capabilities.
  • Tube-to-Tubesheet Welding: Enerfab provides specialized tube-to-tubesheet welding heads with the capability for autogenous welding or with filler wire for restraint or strength welds.
  • Automated Half-Pipe Welding: We’ve developed a proprietary process for half-pipe jacketing utilizing a continuous coil. This process results in fewer butt joint welds, which means fewer fatigue points, therefore extending the life lifespan of your equipment.
From the shop to the field, our investment in the next wave of technology enables us to complete your projects on time and within budget.

Creating a Safety Culture

Our safety culture resonates through every aspect of our work, from conference rooms to shops and job sites. We keep safety top of mind, every second, every minute, every hour, every day. Safety always.

Additionally, we strive to be a catalyst for improving safety industrywide – that’s why our team members and executive leadership are on the safety committees of various associations and unions. This includes active participation in the boilermakers’ MOST program and the ironworkers’ flagship training program, IMPACT. We equip our team members with Human Performance Improvement (HPI) tools to empower them to speak up for safety, and our OSHA training requirements for each team member exceed industry standards.

HPI Tools

Questioning Attitude
If something does not seem right, stop working and evaluate.
Take 2 Minutes
Take a few minutes to ensure you have all PPE and the correct equipment. Also, survey your area for potential issues and safety pitfalls.
Follow Procedure
Procedures are in place to ensure the right actions are performed in the correct sequence. if the procedure seems unsafe or incorrect, stop work and evaluate.
Job Safety & Quality Analysis (JSQA) is our pre-task planning tool used to map proper workflows and reduce hazards. The JSQA form, merging safety and quality, must be filled out each day before beginning any work.
Peer Collaboration
Use 3-way communication, and peer-checking to ensure that the work is done correctly the first time. We encourage peer intervention when something appears incorrect.

Safety Auditing

Using our digital safety tools, safety managers can proactively monitor safety risks at each of our job sites. This real-time safety auditing application provides easy access to site-specific safety plans, permits, safety records, and other important job site documents at the safety manager’s fingertips. Everyone at Enerfab is responsible for safety.