Emergency Services

Our Capabilities

In the event of an emergency, we deploy small teams of experienced craftworkers who are equipped to handle any type of industrial-scale emergency. From process shutdowns to equipment failures, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. Some of our emergency repair capabilities include:
Industrial Tank & Vessel Field Service
We are a leading provider of innovative solutions for the emergency repair and alteration of ASME/API storage tanks and vessels. Our team of engineers and fabricators are experts in a wide range of disciplines, including welding, metallurgy, corrosion, and mechanics.
Rotating Equipment
Rotating equipment failures can lead to significant disruptions in your operations. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of repair services to get your equipment up and running as quickly as possible. We have extensive experience repairing all types of rotating equipment, from small motors to large turbines.
Pumps & Valves
We have a wide range of experience with all types of pumps and valves, and we’re equipped to handle any repair job, no matter the size.
Belt Conveyors
Our emergency maintenance service team be on-site quickly to assess the damage and make the necessary repairs. We are equipped to handle any size repair, from small patch jobs to complete replacement of damaged sections.
Industrial Chillers
Our emergency repair services for industrial chillers include air-cooled, water-cooled, glycol-cooled, and more.
Cooling Tower Repair
We understand the importance of cooling towers to the success of your power plant or other industrial facility and are committed to providing the highest quality repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible.