Mechanical Maintenance

Your Reliable Partner for Mechanical Needs

As one of the largest pipefitter and boilermaker employers in the country, our team of utility and heavy-industrial personnel have the experience and expertise to support all your piping and boiler needs. From capital construction to maintenance and even response to local emergencies around our regional offices.

We install, replace, and maintain any of your piping (any alloy) and boiler systems, and our fabrication capabilities enable us to create custom solutions for even the most challenging projects. Whether you’re looking for a turnkey solution or simply need a reliable partner to help with your mechanical needs, Enerfab is here to help. To learn more about our capabilities:

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How We Do It

We have a long history of providing industry-leading boiler work, powered by our commitment to quality. Our skilled and experienced personnel provide the best possible service to our clients, and we continuously strive to improve our skills and knowledge.

  • Field Leadership – All projects are overseen by field leadership with extensive expertise. Many of our project managers and site superintendents come from a craft background, so they know how the work will be performed. Their knowledge and experience are vital to the planning, execution, safety, and quality control of all mechanical projects.
  • Craft Labor – In addition to our field leadership, our national labor relationships enable us to bring the most skilled workers to your job sites.
    • Scalability, from a few people for emergencies to 800 craftworkers for significant outages and turnarounds.
    • 10.7M Boilermaker and Pipefitter hours over the last five years.
    • #1 craft employer under the National Maintenance Agreement.

Project & Shop Support

When you choose Enerfab, you not only get your local project team but also the support and access to our depth and breadth of knowledge, including:

Shop Space
Shop Space
Over 1,000,000 total square feet of shops and facilities across our locations.
Geographic Reach
More than 1,150,000 square miles of coverage across the United States.
Pre-fabrication, skid fabrication, modular construction, and structural steel, utilizing our shops strategically located across the United States.
Pipe fabrication shops capable of producing thousands of spools per month out of Wisconsin.
Tanks & Vessels
Industry-leading process equipment fabrication shops in Cincinnati, OH, and Natchez, MS.