Capital Projects

How We Execute
Capital Construction Projects

Our experience managing multiple crafts lets us maximize productivity by overlapping work schedules and aligning project objectives.
Field Leadership
Most of our project leaders and site superintendents came from the crafts. Their expertise provides key insight into project planning, site laydown, and critical path issues.
Labor Management
Enerfab is one of the largest employers of craft labor in the country. Our long-standing relationship with local labor allows us to support your project with skilled craftworkers close to your job site.

Project & Shop Support

When you choose Enerfab, you not only get your local project team but also the support and access to our depth and breadth of knowledge, including:

Shop Space
Shop Space
Over 1,000,000 total square feet of shops and facilities across our locations.
Geographic Reach
More than 1,150,000 square miles of coverage across the United States.
Pre-fabrication, skid fabrication, modular construction, and structural steel, utilizing our shops strategically located across the United States.
Pipe fabrication shops capable of producing thousands of spools per month out of Wisconsin.
Tanks & Vessels
Industry-leading process equipment fabrication shops in Cincinnati, OH, and Natchez, MS.