Adapting to today’s challenges and reducing job site risk from COVID-19.


The COVID-19 crisis has brought to the forefront the need to reduce onsite risks by moving more of the work and personnel offsite.

SiteFlex by Enerfab uses technology, capability, and planning to move more construction and inspection personnel off of your jobsite, limiting exposure and adding safety, quality, efficiency, and value to each job.


While COVID-19 has added additional safety concerns to our projects, SiteFlex makes safety easier to manage by taking work and personnel off an unpredictable job site and moves them to the controlled shop environment.

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Learn more about our approach to safety and decision-making during COVID-19.


In addition to safety, SiteFlex protects quality during uncertain times by making new construction, fabrication, repairs, replacements, and maintenance possible using innovative technology and strategies.

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Learn more from Ben about how we’re maintaining quality during social distancing.


Our continuous investment in technologies such as modular construction, 3D scanning, 4D scheduling, drone inspection, and more make adapting to COVID-19 restrictions possible.

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Learn more from Aaron about using technology to combat the labor shortage.


Strong labor relations enable our family of companies to attract the right kind of craftworker to power the SiteFlex model. Whether on-site or in the shop, we have the labor your project needs.

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Learn more from Brad about using AI to support our craftworkers.


No matter how much times change, manufacturing businesses must remain productive. Our family of companies remains committed to fabricating the equipment needed for critical processes.

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Learn more from Dan about our approach to strategic partnerships.


Our dedicated pipe fabrication facilities have been instrumental in making the SiteFlex model possible. The techniques and technologies we use make more possible within our shop.

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Learn about how we’re making project tracking easier with the new ViewFab customer portal.


Our Rapid Response capabilities are here to help companies whose maintenance schedules have been affected by COVID-19. We can fabricate and install critical equipment in a matter of weeks.

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Learn more from Greg about our rapid response fabrication.


COVID-19 has created a number of challenges that none of us expected to face. But you don’t have to find all of the solutions on your own.

Sit down with our leaders from every facet of our business and let’s discover how we can overcome this together.

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