We believe business is conducted better when safety is ingrained into the company culture.


We keep safety top-of-mind by requiring that all meetings begin with a safety message; providing executive safety leadership, readily available proper personal protective equipment (PPE), and comprehensive safety manuals, holding daily safety meetings; and creating site-specific safety plans as standard operating procedure.

Additionally, Enerfab is striving to be a catalyst for improving safety industrywide. That’s why Enerfab team members and executive leadership sit on the safety committees of various associations and unions. including active participation in the Boilermakers’ MOST program and the ironworkers’ flagship training program, IMPACT. We also equip our team members with Human Performance Improvement (HPI) tools to empower them to speak up for safety, and our OSHA training requirements for each team member exceed industry standards.

Training, Tools & Resources

Our employees value safety above all else, which is why our OSHA training requirements for each team member exceed industry standards. We also train Enerfab employees using our Human Performance Improvement (HPI) tools, which include helpful practices to keep safety top-of-mind:

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    Questioning Attitude

    Our employees are encouraged to question supervisors on every aspect of the job, to make sure safety is accounted for. If something does not seem right, our employees are encouraged to stop work and evaluate.

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    Take 2 Minutes

    Employees are told to take a few minutes in order to ensure they have the correct equipment and protective wear in addition to surveying to find potential issues and safety pitfalls.

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    Follow Procedure

    To keep both safety and quality aligned, procedures are in place to ensure the right actions are performed in the correct sequence. Again, if the procedure seems unsafe or incorrect, employees are encouraged to stop work and find a solution.

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    JSQAs are Enerfab’s pre-task planning tool used to map proper workflows and remove or reduce hazards that can affect the quality and safety of the work. The JSQA form must be filled out each day before beginning any work.

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    Peer Collaboration

    Our peer collaboration tool is three-part, including 3-way communication, peer checking and intervening in tasks that may seem incorrect to ensure that the work is done correctly the first time.

Safety Auditing

Using our digital safety tools, safety managers can proactively monitor safety risk at each of our job sites. This real-time safety auditing app provides easy access to site-specific safety plans, permits, safety records, and other important job-site documents, right at the safety manager’s fingertips.

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