Ready to Scale for Shutdowns, Turnarounds, & Outages

What We Do

Enerfab’s flexible staffing model and multicraft approach mean we are always ready to scale up for your shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages. With over 40 years of experience tackling planned downtime projects, we know exactly what it takes meet your shutdown window and get you back online.

How We Do It

We understand that meeting your schedule for your shutdown is critical to your business. For each outage & turnaround, we pool resources from across our company to not only ensure that we can save you revenue but so that we can meet every maintenance need with the highest level of safety and quality.

  • Scalability — from a few people to 500 craft workers for significant outages and turnarounds
  • A multicraft employer with over 27 Million worker-hours over the last five years including:
    • 8.5M Boilermaker hours
    • 8.5M Electrician hours
    • 3.5M Pipefitter hours
    • 1.5M Millwright hours
    • 1.5M Ironworker hours
  • Regional fabrication shop support
  • 40+ years of experience with shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages

In addition to our augmented staffing model, we offer our partners a variety of technologies and innovative approaches to the work to support maintenance projects, increase plant efficiency, and limit safety risk.

  • 3D laser scanning to maximize precision and efficiency at all levels of your project
  • 4D project scheduling to give you a visual “look into the future” showing how we are going to execute your projects and approach critical paths
  • Modular construction & pre-fabrication to minimize safety risk and maximize your budget
Man grinding steel for maintenance during a shutdown, turnaround, & outage.
Boilermaker welding during a shutdown, turnaround, or outage.

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