Pipe Fabrication and Innovation

With five regional pipe fabrication shops and cutting-edge technology, Enerfab can spool entire jobs in the shop — taking work out of the field, improving quality, mitigating safety risks, and lowering costs.

  • Pipe Spools
    • Power Piping (B31.1)
    • Process Piping (B31.3)
    • High-Density Polyethylene (HPDE)
    • Fiberglass (FRP)
    • Utility Piping
    • Nuclear Piping (NQA-1)
    • Carbon, Stainless & Alloys
  • Fabricated Piping Skids

Pipe Fabrication Capabilities

Our largest pipe fabrication facility, which is located in in New London, Wisconsin, features:

  • Two fabricating bays totaling up to 30,000 square feet of space with indoor loading
  • 6-Axis CNC Cutting Machine
  • Four 10-Ton Overhead Cranes
  • NQA-1 Nuclear Fabrication Program and a compliant NIAC member

Combining that facility’s capabilities with the capabilities of our other fabrication shops across our regions allows Enerfab to offer comprehensive resources and creative solutions for any fabrication, construction, or maintenance project.

  • Capable of producing up to 2,500 pipe spools per month
  • Job-support pipe fabrication in Kansas City, Missouri; Paducah, Kentucky; Evansville, Indiana; and Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Skid fabrication and modular construction capabilities in Evansville, Indiana
Pipefitter welding inside a pipe fabrication shop.
Piping loaded on a flatbed truck outside a pipe fabrication shop.
Fabricated pipe installed at a construction site in the desert.

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