When it comes to information, we live in an instant gratification world. This is a wonderful thing! Thanks to the magic Google machines we carry with us at all times, we can instantly find movie times, review incoming deliveries, or fact-check our friends’ crazy conspiracy theories.

Of course, it’s no surprise that any technology benefit we get used to in our personal lives will find its way into our professional lives. We now expect instant access to the information we need to make business decisions and recognize the difference in what we can achieve when we have it.

Enerpipe, Enerfab’s pipe fabrication division located in New London, WI is embracing this desire for instant access to information and transparency with our newest innovation: Viewfab.

Viewfab is an online portal through which customers can instantly check the progress of their pipe fabrication jobs. With two ways to access the information — dashboard view and spool status — decision-makers at our customers’ companies can instantly get the critical information they need, in real-time, to keep their projects moving forward.

Dashboard View

Viewfab’s Dashboard View brings data on the progress of a job to life in infographic form at a macro-level. This information comes in two main graphics: total percentage of the job complete and diameter inches complete. These multiple views provide a more accurate picture of project progress.

Spool Status View

In the Spool Status View, customers gain an even more in-depth look at their project’s progress at a micro-level. Viewfab allows the client access to the details of each individual spool on their project, at each stage of the fabrication process, is at, as well as providing access to additional project-specific information such as physical spool drawings, and project weld procedures and tolerances.


Beyond satisfying the customers’ need for immediate visibility within their project, Viewfab is delivering tangible business benefits as well, such as:

  • The ability to audit and expedite projects at their discretion.
  • Enabling field management to make changes to their project schedule and crew deployment quickly and confidently, knowing that the piping deliveries will align with the change.
  • More accurate forecasting for labor needs with precise tracking of shipments
  • Shopworkers have more and better access to project critical information that leads to improved quality and improved efficiency.

Ready for a demo?

Built with best-in-class SAP HANA technology, Viewfab is a proprietary platform provided exclusively to Enerfab customers on any pipe fabrication job. We’re excited to offer this innovative technology benefit to our customers.

Learn more about ViewFab by requesting a demo with the form below.