Modular Construction

As labor markets continue to tighten and the pace of your business speeds up, we must turn to creative solutions to bring your projects to life and help grow your bottom line.

Enerfab’s unique ability to self-perform every aspect of your modular construction scope from the shop to the field opens up a number of opportunities for constructibility, modularization, and pre-fabrication on your projects.

  • Modular Process Systems
  • Piping Skids & Racks
  • Pre-fabricated Process Equipment

How We Do It

Our vertically-integrated fabrication and assembly capabilities—including custom fabricated equipment, pipe fabrication, structural steel, and electrical—paired with our multi-craft labor force industry-leading field management, and innovative technology means we can manage and self-perform modular construction solutions from the shop to the field.

Regional Shop Support

  • Structural steel fabrication in Evansville
  • 250,000 square foot process equipment fabrication shop in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 30,000 square foot pipe fabrication shop in New London, Wisconsin plus regional pipe fabrication in Kansas City, Missouri; Evansville, Indiana; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Paducah, Kentucky
  • Assembly in Evansville, Cincinnati, New London, and Kansas City

Innovation & Technology

  • 3D laser scanning to maximize precision and efficiency at all levels of your project
  • 4D project scheduling to give you a visual “look into the future” showing how we are going to execute your project and approach critical paths

Craft Labor

  • A multicraft employer with over 27 million worker-hours over the last five years including:
    • 8.5M Boilermaker hours
    • 8.5M Electrician hours
    • 3.5M Pipefitter hours
    • 1.5M Millwright hours
    • 1.5M Ironworker hours

Field Leadership

All of our boiler projects are overseen by field leadership with extensive expertise in the work we are performing.

Many of our project managers and site superintendents come from or craft background so they know how the work will actually be performed. Their knowledge and experience are vital to planning, execution, safety, and quality control because they’ve been in many of the situations our craftworkers will be in and have seen many of the challenges our customers are facing.


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