Industrial Control Systems and Instrumentation

Throughout your project, the Enerfab team works directly with owners, engineers, and local controllers. We collaborate to troubleshoot and verify the proper operation of the instrumentation and industrial control systems (ICS) for your industrial processes. Automation and control are crucial to your business. Your measurement instruments need to operate at peak performance upon installation and around the clock.

Our ICS and Instrumentation Capabilities

Our technicians are dedicated to assisting commercial and industrial companies, including water treatment plants, in all aspects of industrial automation. This includes troubleshooting, startup, and commission, as well as maintaining safe and efficient operating control and electrical systems.

  • Startup & commissioning
  • Complete bench and field calibration with supporting documentation
  • Complete I/O checkout and operation
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Verification of application, make, model, tag ID, and calibration ranges
  • Procurement
  • Quality and control inspection
  • DCS control board operation
  • Assembling of detailed instrument data

Our Control System and Instrumentation Technicians

Enerfab is a leading employer of trained and certified industrial and control systems technicians. Our technicians deliver your project with precision while always keeping safety first.

So what does that look like on your job sites? The Enerfab team works from the ground up:

  • Assembling project data, such as drawings, installation details, and instrument specifications
  • Inspecting instrumentation for proper installation
  • Performing point-to-point checks of wiring and process connections

Enerfab instrumentation technicians are highly trained and certified in industrial instrumentation applications, but it doesn’t stop there. To support specific customer needs, we also provide customized training to our crews for different types of control systems including:

  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and PowerFlex drives
  • Allen-Bradley PLC maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Ovation DCS systems
Industrial control system panel with blue knobs

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