Capital Construction Projects

Capital Construction Projects

Enerfab’s multicraft approach offers you a single-source, full-service solution for your large capital construction projects. And because we’ve helped customers tackle a variety of construction projects over our 100-year history, the list of things we can do is quite a bit longer than the list of things we can’t.

  • Combined Cycle Plant Expansions
  • Coal Combustion Residual
  • Power Distribution Centers
  • Air Quality Control Systems
  • SCRs, Baghouses, Precipitators, HRSGs, Scrubbers
  • Coal-to-Gas Conversion
  • Natural Gas Generation
  • Battery Storage
  • Turbines
  • Reciprocating Engines
  • ELG, CCR & Water Systems
  • Hydropower Facilities
  • Compressor Stations
  • Metering & Regulation Stations
  • Water Pump Stations
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Terminal Tank Farms
  • Warehousing & Racking Systems
  • Pre-Fabricated Equipment Installation
  • Brownfield Retrofits

Capital Construction Key Areas

Enerfab’s quality workmanship in capital construction is supported by three key areas of our company—field leadership and labor management, innovative technology, and regional shop support.

Field Leadership & Labor Management

  • 150+ field superintendents and project managers
  • One of the largest employers of craft labor in the country
  • Long-standing relationships with local labor across all of our regions

Innovative Technology

  • 3D laser scanning to maximize precision and efficiency at all levels of your project
  • 4D project scheduling to give you a visual “look into the future” showing how we will execute your project and approach critical paths
  • Modular construction and pre-fabrication to minimize safety risk and maximize your budget

Regional Shop Support

  • 250,000 square foot process equipment fabrication shop in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 30,000 square foot pipe fabrication shop in New London, Wisconsin
  • Regional job-support pipe fabrication in Kansas City, Missouri; Evansville, Indiana; and Paducah, Kentucky
  • Pre-fabrication, skid fabrication, and modular construction in Evansville, Indiana
Aerial view of a capital construction job site.
View of capital construction site for a utility project.
Crane lifting steel box next to scaffolding during a capital construction project
Wide angle shot of a capital construction job site.

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