Safety Is More Than a Buzzword

A lot of companies talk about safety. We live it every day. Every meeting with more than three people in it starts with a safety moment. From fall prevention to proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we cover safety from top to bottom with every employee.

Our commitment to safety is evident in the way we work every day:

  • Safety Is A Core Value –  It’s a part of every project from the time we start a RFQ review, through estimating and bidding, pre-project planning, execution and closeout.
  • Human Performance Improvement – As people, we make mistakes. HPI recognizes this and provides 8 tools for every worker to use to enhance our safety environment. This program helps prevent mistakes, encourages people to think before making mistakes and lessens the impact of mistakes when they do happen.
  • OSHA Training – Every Enerfab employee, whether craft worker or accountant, has a minimum OSHA 10. Any management personnel with project oversight, including our field supervisors and foremen, have a minimum OSHA 30.
  • Contribution to Safety in the Industry – Safety isn’t a fad for Enerfab. Our team members have been involved in the development and execution of safety training programs for decades.

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Safety as a Core Value

When safety is ingrained in your company culture, you conduct business differently. Having executive safety leadership, proper personal protective equipment (PPE), comprehensive safety manuals, daily safety meetings and site-specific safety plans become standard operating procedure. We keep safety top of mind by requiring every meeting, with at least three Enerfab employees, begin with a safety message.

Site Plans

Safety is also a critical element in our e3 Project Execution. Each phase of e3 has established safety processes, plans and considerations. No project moves through the e3 steps to completion without safety embedded in the process.

Each field project has a specific site plan that follows the Enerfab policy and procedures with the addition of any requirements for a customer jobsite.

Human Performance Improvement (HPI)

HPI Tools are designed to empower employees to speak up for safety. We expect people to question, use their judgment and utilize these tools every day. In addition to monthly and/or weekly training topics and emphasis, we use regular meetings at the beginning of shifts to address safety concerns:

  • STOP (Stop When Uncertain)
  • Peer Checking
  • JSA Use
  • Questioning Attitude (QVV)
  • Two-minute Drill
  • Procedure Use
  • Three-way Communication
  • Employee Intervention

This is one of the ways we are driving a safety culture at Enerfab.

OSHA Training

Going beyond the industry’s norms, Enerfab requires every employee  – even the administrative and executive team – to have a minimum 10 hours of OSHA training. Enerfab supervisors have OSHA 30.

We also have our own OSHA 500 Outreach Trainers conducting classes, in coordination with the OSHA Training Institute (OTI) to customize classes and include the most relevant topics, from working with power and hand tools to respiratory protection.

In addition to our OSHA training program, we have a monthly training calendar of safety highlight topics that are emphasized throughout safety talks and at the beginning of each shift.


Industry Leadership

At Enerfab, we believe we can be the catalyst for improving safety across our industry. That’s why Enerfab team members and executive leadership are involved in safety committees in industry associations and the unions we work with. This includes participation in the MOST program for the Boilermakers national union.