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Finding a fabrication partner willing to take on your complex shell & tube heat exchangers can be difficult and unnerving.

With an in-house team of certified engineers and highly-skilled welders, we embrace these challenging projects to leave you feeling confident that you’ve found a fabricator that’s always ready to deliver.

Shop Capabilities

Mechanical Design

  • ASME VIII Div. I & Div. II – TEMA – HTRI
  • Design Software: AspenTech (BJAC)/Compress
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Thermal Design

Production Range

  • Weight: Up to 600 tons
  • Diameter of Tube Sheet: 24″ to 220″
  • Thickness of Tube Sheet: up to 17″

Materials & Welding Procedures

Our welders are certified in more than 1,000 weld procedures overseen by in-house metallurgists and engineers, while utilizing special tools and specific welding requirements.

  • Tube sheet drilling and grooving
  • Hydraulic or mechanical expansion
  • Tube to tube sheet by GTAW orbital automatic welding
  • Weld overlay

Experienced and capable of working with materials including:

  • Austenitic and duplex stainless steel
  • Ferritic stainless steels
  • Nickel alloys and superalloys
  • Cladding (for high-temperature refratory-lined components)

Typical applications


  • High-pressure/High-temperature Process Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Tubular Reactors
  • Process Gas Boilers
  • Evaporators
  • Proprietary Designs


  • Condensers
  • Cooling Water Exchangers
  • Economizers
  • Intercoolers & Aftercoolers
  • LP Feedwater Preheaters

Oil & Gas

  • High-temperature Process Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Catalyst Coolers
  • Feed Effluent Exchangers
  • Reboilers & Condensers
  • Gas Coolers


  • High-pressure Process Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Waste Heat Boilers
  • Ammonia Converters
  • Tubular Reactors
  • Proprietary Designs

Field Capabilities

Field Install & Maintenance

Enerfab field teams offer turnkey solutions for your heat transfer equipment well after it leaves our shop.

  • Heavy Rigging
  • Installation
  • Removal
  • Tube Replacement

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