What We Do

Enerfab’s history of process equipment fabrication dates back more than 100 years. We have evolved over the last century, introducing new capabilities, innovative processes, and larger fabrication facilities, but our commitment to producing lasting, trusted equipment has never wavered.

  • ASME Pressure Vessels
  • Jacketed Reactors
  • Columns/Towers
  • Brewery & Fermentation Tanks
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Storage Tanks
  • Spheres
  • Crystallizers & Evaporators
  • Horizontal Drums
  • Hydrocrackers
  • Vacuum Towers

How We Do It

Our charge is “our quality is our customer’s safety.” And Enerfab teams are committed to delivering end products that drive your business forward and keep your plants and your people safe.

With over 750,000 square feet of fabrication space across our regions, we can take on any challenge you throw at us. Our largest shop, which is in Cincinnati, features 250,000 square feet of shop space, a lift capacity up to 400 tons, and a variety of value-added benefits including:

  • Multi-disciplinary engineering teams of thermal designers, quality engineers, welding engineers, and metallurgists
  • Continuous coil half-pipe capability on any size vessel
  • Full-penetration welding with 100% guaranteed inspection
  • Proprietary clad-welding techniques

And our newest shop in Natchez, Mississippi adds another huge, full-service fabrication facility to our fleet. With over 100,000 square feet of indoor fabrication space, 14-acres of our outdoor assembly area, a 750-ton max unit weight, and a deepwater loading port right on the Mississippi, this new shop provides more flexibility and capacity for taking on your fabrication projects.

From concept to completion, we are fully equipped to be your partner — even after your critical equipment leaves our shop.

And when you need us the most — when the delivery window is tight, and the pressure is mounting — our rapid response capabilities enable us to push the limits of our turnaround time and get you back up and running at full tilt.

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