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Enerfab’s mission is to be the most dependable and trusted source for our customers’ construction, specialty fabrication and maintenance contractor needs by demonstrating excellence through execution. We do this through our expertise and personal commitment to doing whatever it takes to deliver on our promises.


Enerfab’s skilled craftsmen have produced the highest-quality tanks, pressure vessels, pipe spools, and heads since 1901. Our customer-centric focus and structure means your project is delivered consistently on time and on budget. We continuously challenge ourselves and our customers to embrace new ideas using state-of-the-art technology and proprietary processes. We treat every customer as a partner and stand behind our work no matter what.

Our innovative way of thinking sets us apart:


Experts in Welding

Having performed more than 1,000 custom weld procedures, our skilled workers utilize decades of experience to identify the right process to control quality and the delivery schedule of your project.


In-house Machining

Customers often bring us complicated projects that include intricate and precise tolerances. We utilize high-tech CNC machining centers to produce attachments and internal parts, such as tube sheets for heat exchangers and body flanges to manage the final cost of your project.



We have the capability to produce this glass-like finish for customers, especially those in the chemical industry, making it possible for easier product draining and cleaning. Ultimately, this reduces your production down-time.


Proprietary Half-pipe Forming

We’ve developed a proprietary process for half-pipe jacketing, utilizing a continuous coil. This process results in fewer welds on the half pipe, fewer butt welds, a full-penetration weld, and fewer fatigue points, therefore, extending your equipment’s lifespan.

API Storage Tanks

API Storage Tanks


Built to API 650 and API 620 standards, we can fabricate tanks to accommodate more than 2.2 million gallons. Our in-house field erection and fabrication teams can develop a solution for your specific tank needs. Types of tanks we manufacture include:

  • API Storage Tanks (Aseptic, Water, and Silo)
  • Field Erected
  • Polished
  • Silo
  • Stainless Steel
  • Welding-insulated Casing

Vessels, Reactors & Columns/Towers



Our team can shop or field construct your ASME pressure vessels, fabricating them to ASME code for both Div I and Div II standards.



Enerfab provides chemical reactors with jacketing, including half pipe. We can also utilize cladding to meet customer budgets while achieving ideal thicknesses and alloy content.



Regardless of the size, our craftsmen can shop or field fabricate process columns and process towers for a variety of industries to meet challenging customer specifications. Enerfab specializes in one-piece fabrication and delivery over-the-road or by barge.



Fabrication for the food and beverage industry has been a part of Enerfab’s offerings since our founding. Fermenting tanks can be shop or field fabricated to meet your needs.



Spheres can be custom constructed to your ASME code requirements and include self-supporting leg systems.

Heat Exchangers

Enerfab's experienced engineers understand the unique operation of today's process plants and the demands for robust heat exchanger thermo-mechanical designs used in a wide range of process conditions. We utilize the latest commercially available design software that enable our engineers to solve highly complex design parameters. Coupling of our software systems allows for timely submission of calculations and drawings that ensure the project is completed on schedule.

Heat Exchangers

Mechanical Design

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Thermal Design Guarantee

TEMA Configurations


Construction Material

  • Carbon steels
  • Low allow carbon steels for high temperatures
  • Austenitic and duplex stainless steels
  • Ferritic stainless steels
  • Nickel alloys and superalloys
  • Cladding

Heat Exchangers

Typical Applications

  • Inter and after coolers
  • Condensers
  • Evaporators
  • Heaters
  • Preheaters
  • Reboilers
Pipe Fabrication

Pipe Fabrication


Reasons to choose Enerfab for your next pipe fabrication project:

  • Nuclear projects performed under NQA-1 & 10CFR50
    Appendix B programs
  • Level II CWI’s on staff
  • Project-specific ITPs are created for each project
  • Regular audits are performed on subcontractors
  • S, PP, U, and R Stamps for power boilers, power piping,
    and pressure vessels
  • Power Piping ASME B31.1 QA program
  • Chemical Piping ASME B31.3 QA program
  • ABSA-approved manufacturer
  • Enerfab operates four fabrication shops strategically located to support customers across multiple regions

Tank & Vessel Heads


Brighton Tru-Edge

Enerfab’s tank head division, Brighton Tru-Edge, sets the industry standard for superior quality, value and craftsmanship. We offer comprehensive fabricating capabilities, from start to finish, performed in our modern facilities. Brighton Tru-Edge offers a full line of standard and custom heads.

The Brighton team provides a variety of value-added services, including half pipe, seam welding, dimple jackets, and shell plate. Every Tru-Edge head is produced with the distinct Brighton advantage: a machine-beveled head for exact fit on a tank or vessel. Pickling stainless steel to maximize its anti-corrosion properties is another distinction that sets a Brighton head apart from our competition’s.

Brighton’s customer-focused approach and 100 years of fabrication excellence ensure that we deliver on our promises to you for schedule and budget.


Custom Heads

  • ASME Flanged & Dished
  • Standard Flanged & Dished
  • 2:1 Elliptical
  • 80/10
  • Dished Only
  • Flanged Only
  • Toriconical
  • Conical
  • Segmental
  • Hemispherical



Since 1876, Hamilton Kettles has produced superior quality kettles that our customers rely on for consistent performance and reliability. Each kettle is carefully crafted to the highest engineering and fabrication standards to meet your specific needs. Hamilton Kettles’ seamless process includes engineering, fabrication, field installation, maintenance, and parts.

We are personally committed to delivering on our promise no matter what it takes.


  • Technical field installation and maintenance
  • Field and in-shop modifications and repair
  • 24-hour standard parts delivery
  • Expedited shipping program (ESP)

Our quality standards include:

  • ASME code fabrication
  • Sanitary finishes
  • Pilot and laboratory testing
  • Sanitary designs that meet or exceed 3A, USDA, and FDA regulations


Kettle Designs:

For your Hamilton Kettles parts needs, visit here.

  • Hemispherical, cone or dished
  • Stationary
  • Tilt/Pour
  • Pressure
  • Vacuum
  • Custom vessel designs
  • 15 gallons to 2,000 gallons
  • Jacket pressure 15 to 150 P.S.I.G.

Agitator Designs:

  • Scrape surface
  • Single motion (rotating sweep)
  • Double motion (dual, counter-rotating)
  • Triple action
  • High shear/high speed
  • Incline and vertical mixing



Enerfab’s Commitment to Excellence continues beyond fabrication. Our Process Components Group serves customers across multiple industries, providing parts for existing equipment repair and replacement as well as for new equipment. Components can be shipped individually or attached (or applied) to a larger project.

We stock items that support fabricated products in the chemical, juice, refining, brewing, and power industries. We also offer online ordering, expedited shipping, and can handle custom requests. Our Process Components Group ensures your fabricated product will perform exceptionally throughout its lifespan.

Parts in stock for:

  • Aseptic components
  • Gaskets
  • Kettles
  • Manways
  • Lining repair
  • Other OEM and spare parts

Process Components Group

For parts and maintenance of your fabricated products, visit here.


Learn about our construction services >

Our multicraft approach to construction projects sets us apart. Our ability to bring a workforce and expertise from multiple disciplines, while acting with uncompromising integrity ensures that we deliver successful projects on-budget, on-time, and to your satisfaction.




Enerfab’s industrial and commercial construction team utilizes the e3 Lean Construction Program to bid, scope, plan, and execute to achieve your goals. No matter your project size or sector your company operates, Enerfab will complete your project safely and efficiently, to your satisfaction.


Capital Projects

Enerfab’s customer-focused team manages your capital project from bid to execution. Our successes include:

  • AQCS projects of all scopes
  • Coal Combustion Residual (CCR)
  • Combined Cycle Construction
  • Turnkey Tank Farms

Electrical Construction

Our highly adaptable and skilled service is tailored to provide exactly what you need to complete the job. Our capabilities include:

  • Uninterruptable Power Supply Installation
  • Power Distribution Installations and Upgrades
  • Electrical Apparatus Installation
  • Power Distribution Center (PDC) Installation
  • Motor Control Center (MCC) Installation
  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • Clean Air Systems



Enerfab has self-performed over 7.5 million electrical man-hours since 2014, including I&C tech support.

Learn about our maintenance services >

Maintenance at your facility requires teamwork and collaboration. That’s why we treat all of our customers like partners. Our teams work hand-in-hand with your facility or plant management to organize priorities and align the appropriate labor force with the scope of work, maximizing productivity and lowering cost.

Our capabilities provide a positive impact on our customers’ schedules and improve quality throughout the plant systems and equipment. These include:

  • Long-term maintenance contracts
  • Burner work and cyclone replacement
  • Ductwork modification and balanced draft conversion
  • Air heater and preheater repair
  • Relocation of large equipment and systems
  • Startup and Commissioning Support
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance
  • PLC troubleshooting and support
  • Scheduling and tracking
  • Procurement
  • Quality and control inspection
  • Planned outages and turnarounds
  • Emergency outage repair
  • R-stamp boiler repair

Staff Augmentation

Enerfab’s philosophy of partnership with our customers guides our approach to maintenance services. Our goal is to serve your needs with innovative strategies in order to minimize cost and increase efficiency. Our 24-hour availability and rapid response capability in dealing with forced outages have fostered long-term, multi-year partnerships with many maintenance customers. We strive to reduce time and cost of each consecutive planned outage we manage for you by customizing a program to meet and exceed your needs.




Time is critical. Power plant outage projects require strict controls to achieve owners’ objectives. At Enerfab, we can provide plant managers and system executives with greater real-time visibility into schedules and time and material costs.

We also deliver excellence through the execution of these plans. As one of the largest union maintenance contractors in North America, we provide highly-skilled workers in a variety of fields, maximizing productivity. Our Quality Assurance team has diverse testing capabilities, certifications, and stamps in a variety of codes to meet your needs.

Unplanned Service

Our services include:

  • Electrical construction
  • Maintenance and repair of entire power plants, industrial facilities, systems, and equipment
  • Mechanical fabrication and installation
  • Unique instrumentation and controls services
  • Forced boiler repairs
  • Critical equipment repairs
  • Process equipment repairs

Electrical Field Services

Enerfab provides comprehensive electrical contractor services including:

  • Power distribution
  • Lighting
  • Equipment installation
  • Heat tracing, panels, and sensors
  • High-, medium-, and low-voltage testing
  • Communications and security

Mechanical Field Services

Enerfab offers mechanical field services to customers in the following industries:

  • Water/Wastewater
  • Commercial
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Power


We offer you high-quality, timely, and competitively-priced mechanical construction services, including:

  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Medical Gas
  • HVAC
  • Concrete
  • Fabrication
  • Service
  • Special Projects
  • CAD and BIM Capabilities



Enerfab is uniquely positioned to serve your corrosion prevention and environmental protection needs. We offer a comprehensive line of products and services that include:

  • Linings and secondary containments
  • Plural component systems
  • Structural steel coatings
  • Chemical resistant and non-skid floor systems
  • Fireproofing

Our highly-trained and experienced teams utilize innovative lifts and other equipment to ensure a safe environment and a thorough coating process on your site or in our shop. We serve many industries, including chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, brewing, wine, tomato paste, and other foods.


Learn about the industries we serve >

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Major utility and industrial owners trust and depend on our instrumentation and controls capabilities.

Major utility and industrial owners trust and depend on our instrumentation and controls capabilities. ... See MoreSee Less

2 hours ago

Major utility and industrial owners trust and depend on our instrumentation and controls capabilities.

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