Safety Spotlight: Are You Safe with Your Ladder?


The holidays are here and so are seasonal tasks, such as cleaning gutters and hanging decorations.

Before you prop your ladder against the eaves, make sure you take the appropriate safety precautions. The endearingly clumsy Clark Griswold may be able survive a tumble from the roof unscathed, but you might not be so lucky.

As always, be safe with ladders on the job too. The Occupational Safety and Health Association cautions that falls from portable ladders are among the leading causes of injury at the workplace.

OSHA offers these ladder safety tips you can use at work and at home:

  • Inspect the ladder for damage before using it.
  • Do not place a ladder in an area where it could be disturbed by a door, other workers or foot traffic.
  • Use caution when¬†placing aluminum ladders near electrical lines or near electrical service to a house.
  • Place the base of the ladder a quarter of the working height away from the supporting wall.
  • Do not place a ladder on an unstable base for any reason, even to gain additional height.
  • Never exceed the maximum load rating of a ladder.
  • Wear shoes that have non-slip soles.
  • Keep your torso within the ladder rails and don’t overreach to the left or right or above your head.

Safety is ingrained in every aspect of our culture at Enerfab. Learn about how we empower our team members to speak up for safety with Human Performance Improvement tools.