Protective Coatings & Linings

Enerfab is uniquely positioned to serve your linings and coatings requirements. We offer a comprehensive line of products and services, including LASTIGLAS™ Munkadur, for which we are the exclusive North American provider of this glass-like finish.

Our highly trained and experienced teams utilize innovative lifts and other equipment to ensure a safe environment and a thorough coating process on your site or in our shop. With an average experience level of more than 18 years, our team is trained in agency requirements, including the FDA and EPA. Our safety-focused team is also OSHA certified  to ensure a safe application in our shop or on your job site.

We serve many industries including chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, brewing, wine, citrus, tomato paste and other foods.

Protective linings and exterior coatings can be used for:

  • FDA compliance for foods and beverages
  • Protection against corrosion, high pressure, high temperature or high alcohol content
  • Weather or UV protection
  • Fireproofing
  • Appearance or aesthetics

In all of these instances, these finishes extend the life of a vessel and enhance its performance.



From our founding in 1901, linings have been a part of our business. We offer a wide variety of products, including LASTIGLAS, epoxies, plasites and vinyl esters.



Our team specializes in the protection, repair and restoration of concrete tanks and production environments. Our proprietary process ensures a complete repair to extend the life of your concrete project.


External Painting

From weather protection to anti-corrosion, we can supply external painting services for your vessel, painted in our shop or in the field. We provide silicon-acrylic coating systems or zinc coating suitable for the power generation, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.



The potential for damage to your facility due to fire can be mitigated with proper fireproofing coats applied to your vessel. Enerfab offers a superior level of fire protection including many intumescent options, such as those rated by the NFPA.

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