Project Profiles

Emergency Process Column

Emergency Process Column in 20 days

This emergency process column was a 6' diameter x 75' stainless steel column.

SEG - Tanks and Vessels

Acid Scrubber – Chemical

This carbon steel acid scrubber was fabricated by our Standard Equipment Group (SEG) for a large chemical company.

Process Columns

Process Column – Refining Industry

This process column is a post weld heat treated vessel for the refinery industry.

Half-Pipe Reactor Vessels

Half-pipe Reactor Vessels

Enerfab recently completed the shop fabrication of three nickel-clad, half-pipe reactor vessels for a major chemical company.

Industrial Sphere

This industrial sphere is a field-erected renovated vessel.

Specialty Vacuum Chamber Fabrication

The Specialty Vacuum Chamber Fabrication is made out of pure stainless steel.

Specialty Heat Exchanger Fabrication

This Specialty Heat Exchanger Fabrication is used in the refining industry.

Specialty Cladding Fabrication

This project was a specialty cladding fabrication project.

Chemical Process Head

This Chemical Process Head is used for its large heavy walls.

Fermentation Head

This Fermentation Head is used in the bio-fuels industry.

API Aseptic Storage Tank

This API Aseptic Storage Tank was field erected for the Turnkey Project.

Process Component PCG Shell

This cylinder with half-pipe is a process component PCG Shell with HP.

Pressure Vessel Process Lining

Pressure Vessel Process Lining

This Pressure Vessel Process Lining was created for the chemical industry.

Bio-Fuels Fermenter

Enerfab Process Solutions & Fabricated Products fabricated these Bio-Fuels Fermenters for the bio plastics industry.

API Water Storage Tank

API Water Storage Tank

This API Water Storage Tank was fabricated for the brewery industry and was built to store syrup.

Corn Milling Fermenter

Corn Milling Fermenter

This Corn Milling Fermenter is designed for the corn industry.

ASME Div 1 Pressure Vessel – Chemical

This ASME Pressure Vessel Division 1 is designed with chemical in mind.

API Storage Tank Silo

The API Storage Tank Silo is a tall vessel that is used in the power industry.

Internal Heat Exchanger in Fermenter

The Internal Heat Exchanger in Fermenter is a Bio-Fuels industry product.

Process Tower

Process Tower – Refining Industry

This Process Tower was fabricated for a customer in the refining industry.

ASME Div 2 Pressure – Natural Gas

This ASME Pressure Vessel, made for a natural gas customer, is fabricated to Section VIII, Division 2 specifications.

ASME Div 1 Pressure Vessel – Water Technology

This ASME Pressure Vessel Division 1 is built for the water technology industry.

ASME Div 1 Pressure Vessel – Refining

This vessel was shop fabricated in two pieces, shipped and assembled on site.

API Storage Tank

This API Storage Tank is made with stainless steel and has a polished finish.

Polished Fermenter

The polished fermenter is a vessel for the Bio-Fuels industry.

process column

Process Column – Petrochemical

Enerfab offers Process Column fabrication to meet customers' specifications.

Clad Reactor

The Clad Reactor is an HP Jacket used in the Petrochemical or Polymers industry.

Half Pipe Jacketed Reactor

The Half Pipe Jacketed Reactor is an electropolished reactor designed for the petrochemical industry.

pressure vessel

ASME Div 2 Pressure Vessel – Chemical

The ASME pressure vessel division 2 is made with Alloy 800HT.

Pressure Vessel

ASME Div 1 Pressure Vessel – Chemical

The ASME Pressure Vessel division 1 is a duplex heat tracing Vessel servicing the chemical industry.