Process Components

Our Process Components Group serves customers across the industry with parts for repairs and replacements of existing equipment, as well as new equipment. Your component can be shipped to you individually or attached or applied to a larger project.

We stock items to support the chemical, juice, refining, brewing and power industries. Stock items include manways, gaskets, aseptic components, lining repair kits and other OEM and spare parts that these industries require.

Manways & Gaskets

We offer a variety of manways and gaskets to serve your needs, including elliptical and round manways, and high-pressure and sanitary manways. Each is ASME code stamped to your specifications.

We stock replacement gaskets in L and U shapes. Materials available include Nitrile, white and black natural rubber. Also, EPDM, FDA compliant gaskets can be requested.

Hamilton Kettle Parts

Established in 1876, Hamilton Kettles offers a complete line of standard steam jacketed kettles, mix cookers and custom-fabricated cooking vessels. Enerfab’s Process Components Group is the exclusive supplier of replacement and repair parts for this product line.


Overlay Nozzles & Flanges

Utilizing a weld overlay process, we can provide nozzles and flanges for your equipment with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel outer layer. The component parts meet your custom needs and specifications. We offer:

  • Overlay flange faces from 4” and up, and we can machine the face
  • Overlay pipe from 4” to 12”, up to 24” in length
  • Overlay pipes larger than 12” and up to 48” in length
  • Ability to overlay flanges and pipe up to 96”
  • Larger custom flanges are available

Any weldable base metal can be used, ranging from carbon steels, stainless steel, chromes and nickel alloys.


Machined Components

Our CNC and machining capabilities are designed to handle your small parts needs and ensure consistency of quality for your overall project. We can provide components to meet your repair or new part needs.


Aseptic Shutdown Kits

Enerfab works with you for the complete life cycle of your storage tanks. We offer Aseptic Shutdown Kits which contain:

  • Viton and silicone gaskets
  • O-rings
  • Filters
  • Sight glasses

LASTIGLAS™ Munkadur Repair Kits

Your minor lining repairs can be handled by Enerfab with our LASTIGLAS™ Munkadur Repair Kit.