At Enerfab, we fabricate chemical reactors to serve a variety of applications, ensuring that the reaction has highest efficiency toward the desired output product and producing the highest yield of the product.



From reactors to storage tanks, our team has experience serving petrochemical customers with vessels in a variety of sizes, materials and specifications. Delivered to your site or erected in the field, your fabricated vessel will meet your stamp and certification needs.

Process Tower


Working with stainless, clad and iconel metal alloys, we serve refinery customers with high-quality fabrication services. Our nationwide coverage enables us to complete projects at our customers’ locations.


Water Technology

Water treatment and reclamation is a becoming more and more vital to modern society. As utilities and public entities expand capabilities, upgrade technologies and install new facilities, we provide fabrication for their processing and storage needs.



For more than 30 years, power plants, utilities and other providers in the energy sector have been among our most frequent customers. We provide fabrication and installation of air quality control systems, erection of gas turbines and heat recovery steam generation systems as well as vessel fabrication for solar and synthetic gas markets.


Food & Beverage

Enerfab was founded with products for the brewing industry, and North America’s largest brewers are still among our top customers. Our industry-leading innovations in aseptic tanks have also allowed us to serve the juice market, with more than 400 million gallons of juice storage around the United States, Europe and South America.



Air quality control systems and other large-scale projects to meet environmental standards can be shop or field fabricated to serve customers’ needs. With more than 800 weld procedures, we will fabricate your equipment to meet your specifications.



From API storage tanks to chemical process vessels, we utilize decades of experience working with food and biological sectors as well as chemical, petrochemical and refinery customers to deliver fabricated vessels to customers working in bio-fuel.


Natural Gas

From midstream natural gas to gas-fired power plants, we offer diverse experience in fabrication for the natural gas industry. With both vessel fabrication and process pipe fabrication, we can offer comprehensive, turn-key solutions.