Worldwide Supplier Relationships

Raw material procurement can make or break the cost and schedule of a large project. At Enerfab, we’ve built relationships with suppliers over decades to ensure the best pricing and availability of materials for our customers. We regularly visit and meet with mills to build and maintain these relationships while monitoring quality and leveraging our position as a preferred customer.

Every supplier is evaluated based on their quality and adherence to ASME and ISO 9000 standards. We provide appropriate documentation, including mill certificates and country of origin documentation, when necessary to ensure the integrity of the material meets our customers’ needs.

We purchase directly from mills and service centers in Europe and North America, ensuring we always have access to stainless steel, carbon steel, high-nickel and exotic alloys. When requested, we procure raw materials from the Approved Manufacturing Lists (AML) of our customers to help achieve their supplier goals.

This flexibility allows us to deliver projects on your timeline, with vessel fabrication projects ranging from 3-4 weeks to a year, depending on customer needs. It also makes it possible for us to offer Emergency Service for mission critical equipment.

Leverage Buying Power and Experience

An extensive history in this industry, plus our overall size in the marketplace, gives our team the leverage to get the best price and availability for our customers. Through a unified purchasing team, Enerfab and its affiliated companies are among the largest customers for many of our suppliers. This provides us, and by extension, our customers, with the best options for procurement of plate, forgings, other raw materials, small vessels, piping, and even structures, ladders and platforms.

At the same time, our team brings decades of experience in procurement, supply chain and inventory management. Several of our team member have worked on the shop floor, enhancing their understanding of the practicalities of what’s required to complete customers’ jobs. We understand our customers’ technical, quality and schedule requirements.