Manufacturing Technology

Experts in Welding

With more than 800 weld procedures, many of them developed in-house by individuals with decades of experience, our skilled workers utilize the right process for every project. Enerfab uses state-of-the-art welding machines that set the parameters, such as amps and voltage, to control consistency and quality. This is critical for high-nickel and exotic alloys.

We have the tools and experience to confirm the effectiveness of these weld procedures. Learn more about our NDT and quality procedures.

PQR Qualifications

  • Tensile Testing (A 370)
  • Guided Bend Testing (A 370)
  • Hardness Testing (A 370)
  • Impact Testing (A 370, A923 – B)
  • Intermetallic Phase Detection (A 923 – A, B, C)
  • Ferrite Testing (E 562, Point Count)
  • Corrosion Testing (G-48, A)
  • Chemical Composition
  • Metallographic Examination

In-house Machining

Customers often bring us complicated projects that include intricate and precise tolerances. We utilize high-tech CNC machining centers to produce attachments and internal parts, such as tube sheets for heat exchangers and body flanges.

This in-house capability gives Enerfab greater control over the quality and schedule of your project.

Forming Equipment

We’ve invested in fixtures, positioners and jigs to move pieces into the best position possible for a weld. This equipment enhances safety for the operator and quality for the resulting weld, as the skilled worker has the best angle and visibility into the process being performed.

Proprietary Half-pipe Forming

We’ve developed a proprietary process for half-pipe jacketing, utilizing a continuous coil. This process offers multiple benefits to the customer, including:

  • Fewer welds on the half pipe
  • Fewer butt welds
  • Full-penetration weld

This results in fewer fatigue points, extending the length of service of your equipment.


The finish on a project is among those final steps that can often have a great impact on schedule and on-time delivery. That’s why Enerfab has invested in comprehensive in-house finishing processes, including electropolishing.

We have the capability to produce this glass-like finish for customers, especially those in the chemical industry, making it possible for easier product draining and cleaning, reducing your production down-time.