Combined Heat and Power

Enerfab’s Process Solutions & Fabricated Products Division is uniquely positioned to assist you in evaluating your CHP options. We can help you identify, design and implement the optimum solution.

In fact, we have developed a complete line of GridFox™ Downstream Generation™ modular generation units to meet the energy needs of our customers. Call us to find out more about this innovation.

The GridFox™

Lower energy costs by 10% to 25% and reduced emissions – that’s a plant power generation solution most companies can appreciate.

Enerfab offers a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution, commonly called cogeneration, known as The GridFox™. It utilizes natural gas or biofuels to run an internal combustion engine to produce 3-phase electricity.

• Net Electrical Output: 1,000 KW @ 480 VAC, 3-phase
• Net Thermal Output: 5,000,000 BTU/hr (hot water or steam)
• Fuel Consumption: 8,500,000 BTU/her (depending on gas consumption)
• Availability: 95% (with proper maintenance)
• Noice Level: 75 dBA at 10 meters
• Total energy efficiency: as high as 85%


    Brighton Tru-Edge: A Case Study

    Enerfab installed a GridFox system at one of its subsidiaries, Brighton Tru-Edge. The project earned recognition from the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Governor’s Office.

    “These CHP systems are a clean and reliable energy source for our customers and help them reduce operational costs,” said Michael Burke, director of process engineering at Enerfab. “We believe so strongly in the technology that we installed it in one of our own facilities.”

    Cincy Magazine Manny 2014 Winner

    Excerpt from Cincy Magazine

    For more than a century, Enerfab Inc. has developed a reputation for industrial construction and metal fabrication expertise. Over the last couple years, the company has brought that skill to the emerging market for combined heat and power systems for the industrial market.


    Will CHP work for you?

    Is your company a candidate for Combined Heat & Power? We offer a checklist asking key questions that will help you determine if a GridFox or similar solution is right for you.

    Enerfab is a proud member of the Combined Heat & Power Association and the EPA’s Combined Heat & Power Partnership.