Emergency Projects

We understand that every day your equipment is out of service, you are creating a bottleneck in your production and losing potential revenue. That’s why we offer services to complete emergency projects.

In-house Capabilities

A vessel head is often the most challenging timeline element in any fabrication project. At Enerfab, we utilize our relationship with Brighton Tru-Edge to gain advantageous scheduling of this critical path item. This makes it possible for us to achieve even the tightest turn around.

In addition to head manufacturing, Enerfab has invested in machining and other manufacturing equipment to deliver comprehensive solutions. We can roll shells and machine in the shop, giving us greater control over the schedule.

Raw Material Procurement

Our expertise in procurement and purchasing also gives us schedule flexibility. We have relationships with service centers and mills across North America and Europe, speeding the procurement of raw materials and reducing concerns over availability.

Case Study Examples

View the case studies to the left to learn more about some of the work we’ve performed under tight timelines. From a 75′ process column, complete with insulation, casing, ladders in platforms in just 20 days, to an industrial kiln in less than two weeks, we’ve produced quick-turn projects for industry leaders.