Time critical. Power plant outage projects require strict controls to achieve owners’ objectives. At Enerfab, we utilize our e3 Project Execution Program for lean construction and continuous improvement. Paired with our eDashboard Cost Management software, we can provide greater visibility for plant managers and system executives into schedules and Time & Material costs in real-time.

We also deliver excellence through the execution of these plans. As one of the largest union maintenance contractors in North America, we provide highly skilled workers in a variety of fields, maximizing productivity. Our Quality Assurance team has diverse testing capabilities, and certifications and stamps in a variety of codes to meet your needs.

Our Work

Selective catalytic reduction

SCR at Coal-fired Power Plant

This SCR project for a large Midwestern coal-fired power plant included multiple elements.

HP Heater

This recent project for a Midwestern steam power plant included a new HP Heater.