Regional Offices

Our regional offices are strategically located to serve customer across the Midwest, Plains, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Our primary geographies are roughly 300 miles surrounding each of these offices, but we are also able able to align our resources to serve customers in Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

In addition, our Enerfab Power & Industrial Electrical Capabilities serves customers across the regions.


Primarily serving Ohio, Northern and Southeast Indiana, Northeast and Central Kentucky and West Virginia.


Primarily serving Pensylvania, Northeast West Virginia, Northeast Ohio.

Kansas City

Primarily serving Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Southern Illinois, Nebraska, Southern Wisconsin.


Primarily serving Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Northern Florida, Louisiana and Texas.


Primarily focused on Indiana, Illinois and Southwest Kentucky.


Primarily serving in around the Harrisburg region.


Primarily serving the Mid-Atlantic, South-East, and South-Western United States

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