e3 Project Execution


e3 Project Execution

Excellence Through Execution

Delivering excellence through execution is more than a tagline for Enerfab Power & Industrial. We do this through our clearly articulated and consistently followed project execution process called e3. This is our road map and our continuous improvement platform.

Initiating Phase
In this phase, we initiate the entire process by gathering the right people and determining if Enerfab will move forward with the bid process. At Enerfab, we want to set every project off on the best footing. We don’t bid on jobs that we know can’t be executed to the highest standards.

Pre-Contract Planning and Estimating
During this phase the project scope is reviewed, the construction and management teams are formed, standards are established for direct man hours, subcontracts and rentals, and a labor study.

Project Planning
The project team is selected and site logistics are addressed. We conduct face-to-face meetings to discuss safety, schedule, scope and other project items.

Project Execution
Once underway, Enerfab’s attention to detail and quality controls are monitored through regularly scheduled meetings where submittal requirements, labor summaries, project briefs, safety updates, and all administrative disciplines are reviewed with management.

As the project is nearing completion, Enerfab ensures that all contract deliverables and financial requirements have been addressed. We hold debriefing sessions with our internal team and, more importantly, with our customers to uncover important lessons learned. This continuous improvement perspective drives Enerfab to the highest levels of customer service.