Union Commitment


Engaged with Labor

Skilled workers are mission critical to maintaining your power plant and completing your projects. With strong ties to America’s Building Trades Unions, we work with labor on a local and national level to serve our customers.

We are one of the largest union contractors in North America. We consistently rank as the #1 employer of Boilermakers, with a 5-year total of nearly 10.4 million manhours since 2009, according to data from National Association of Construction Boilermaker Employers (NACBE).

Our corporate team and executive leadership is involved at the national level through a variety of organizations and committees aimed at improving our industry. At the same time, our seven regional offices allow us to build relationships with dozens of local union chapters, creating access to labor resources across the country.

Our team’s involvement with safety and quality improvement programs at the union level  is part of our strategic approach to ensuring that we deliver the best skilled workers to your jobsite so that projects come in safely, on time and on budget.

An example of our involvement is Boilermakers MOST program, which delivers an advantage to owners, including a 90% reduction in lost-time injuries since implementation of the 10/30 in 1989.

The MOST Program’s Common Arc initiative applies quality standards and reduces costs. Greg Purdon, Enerfab Power & Industrial CEO, serves as Chairman of the MOST Program, and is on the Board of Directors for the Common Arc Program.

Likewise, the Ironworkers’ IMPACT Program includes initiatives to enhance training opportunities and honor safety achievements. Our Director of Safety & Labor Relations serves on the IMPACT Safety and Health Committee.

Memberships & Affiliations

Our executive and management team is deeply involved in building relationships with national and local unions. Our team includes members with the following posts:


  • Chairman of the Boilermaker MOST Program
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Boilermaker Common Arc
  • Current Member of the Board of Trustees and a Past Trustee for the Boilermakers National Health and Welfare Fund
  • Trustee for the Local 83 Supplemental Training and Education Fund
  • Trustee for the Local 83 Supplemental Health & Welfare Fund
  • Ohio Valley Agreement Chairman
  • Local 106 Agreement Chairman
  • Great Lakes Agreement Treasurer
  • Local 106 Agreement Chairman
  • Representative of the Employers Association of Western Pennsylvania
  • Great Lakes Local 60 and Local 363 Negotiating Committees
  • Local 154 Negotiating Committee
  • Missouri River Negotiating Committee
  • Southeastern States Negotiating Committee
  • Southeastern Area Joint Apprentice Committee
  • National Joint Referral Rules Committee

National Association of Construction Boilermakers (NACBE)

  • President
  • Employers Representative
  • Safety and Health Committee Member


  • IMPACT Safety and Health Committee Member
  • Local 44 Apprenticeship Committee Member
  • Local 44 Negotiating Committee
  • Cincinnati Steel Erectors, Riggers & Fabrication Association, Management Representative


  • National Instrumentation Agreement Management Representative
  • Instrument Contracting and Engineering Association Member


  • Association of Union Constructors, Chairman of the Labor Committee and Member of Board of Directors
  • Building and Construction Trades Department (BCTD), Fitness for Duty Sub-committee
  • Associated Maintenance Contractors, Member
  • National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee Management Representative
  • General Presidents Agreement, Management Representative