Labor Management


Building Relationships

We count among our customers 7 of the top 10 power generation companies in the U.S. That’s only possible because of our ability to manage labor resources to serve their maintenance, outage and capital project needs.

Our track record in manhours tells the story of just how deep those relationships go. With more than 17.5 million manhours worked between 2011 and 2013, representing 12 different union designations, Enerfab is among the nation’s largest union employers.

We utilize our relationships with skilled workers in a variety of crafts – from boilermakers and ironworkers to electricians and pipefitters – to serve our customers. Our corporate presence, coupled with our seven regional offices, makes it possible for us to leverage the strength of a national company along with the depth of local relationships.

This connection to unions goes beyond the job site. As part of our investment in skilled workers, our executive leadership is involved in union agreements, committees and programs.

By the Numbers (hours)

Boilermakers - 6.2M
Electricians - 5.3M
Pipefitters - 1.8M
Ironworkers - 1.3M
Laborers - 1M
Millwrights- 836K

Manpower Planning

The shortage of skilled workers is no secret in our industry. At Enerfab, we utilize a comprehensive planning process to ensure that appropriate resources are applied to projects to meet timelines and budgets. Our proprietary e3 Project Execution Program includes manpower planning at every stage, from reviewing the RFQ to closing out the project.

Staffing plans, manpower studies and resource allocation are critical steps along our lean construction platform and in our continuous improvement process.

When we work on a project, we utilize the expertise in planning and execution you’d associate with a national company. At the same time, our seven regional offices provide us with expertise in the local labor market to staff the project to meet your goals.

Our involvement with local unions allows us to provide continuity of the workforce for maintenance customers and our involvement with safety, training and apprenticeship programs at the national and local local level creates a safety-focused and quality-driven culture on our jobsites.