From the pile to the stack, Enerfab works in the coal industry on large projects, including baghouses, HRSGs and scrubbers. We can fabricate new equipment as part of a capital project or provide repair and maintenance on existing coal-fired power plants.

Scheduled outages are a specialty. With our expertise, we minimize disruptions and keep your facilities running.


Natural Gas

The natural gas industry is an extremely important segment of the U.S. economy, in addition to providing one of the cleanest burning fuels available.

Enerfab works in this industry from the wellhead to the burner tip. We’re a leader in providing HRSGs for combined-cycle power plants, and we can help improve steam plant reliability, durability and profitability. Maximize return and lower output costs while reducing emissions by working with us.



Enerfab Power & Industrial focuses on field construction of large projects for midstream customers by providing a variety of services, including metering, regulation stations, gas processing facilities and launchers.




The chemical industry is a diverse and ever-changing sector, requiring innovation and flexibility. Our  construction and maintenance services provide the reliability necessary for efficient completion of EPC, capital and maintenance projects for customers who work with fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, and complex organic intermediates.



The refining industry provides vital products that Americans rely on daily, providing significant economic value for the nation. Our customers in the refining industry utilize large-scale equipment to process petroleum products such as gasoline, plastic and agricultural chemicals, among others.

Our team of has the experience and manpower to complete projects and perform maintenance in this industry and help you keep up with the demand for services.



Manufacturing companies require a high level of technical expertise for their power generation needs. Enerfab’s success in this sector is a direct result of our ability to understand your big picture and build solutions that provide value and innovation.

We offer our manufacturing sector clients construction and maintenance services with a safety focus and quality emphasis to assist them in developing an efficient production environment.



Universities are ideal candidates for Enerfab’s power generation equipment and maintenance. These institutions often use a gas turbine to reliably produce electricity for a campus. A HRSG from Enerfab, can recover the heat from the gas turbine to produce steam/hot water that is then used for heating or cooling needs.

Our maintenance services are also highly sought by educational institutions to keep power plants running smoothly.



Reliability, security and stewardship are givens when working in the governmental sector. In the constantly changing world we live in, the reliability of power generation is paramount.

Whether you are utilizing construction or maintenance services, Enerfab offers total plant lifecycle solutions for government facilities and military installations.