Enerfab Leaders: Jay Everett

This is a periodic column from the managers of our company. Through their years of involvement in the industry and in our company, these individuals provide insights, vision and perspective on the ever-changing world in which our customers, vendors and partners operate.

Jay Everett
General Manager, Calvert City, Kentucky
Enerfab Power & Industrial

What are some of the significant accomplishments in your career?

Throughout my career, I’ve helped build new boilers from the ground up. I’ve built tanks and done major renovations at plants all over the country. I’ve worked in Calvert City, Kentucky, for the past 25 years.

What are your responsibilities and how do you achieve success in your role?

We do the day-to-day maintenance for customers at three plants in the chemical industry. We handle everything from repairs to millwright work to building our own scaffolding. We have our own labor force, carpenters, operators, pipefitters and boilermakers.

We’ve replaced vessels and built new furnaces for customers using Enerfab’s proprietary streamlined process for manaurite and coil replacements.

What are your relationships like with your team and with the customers?

I’m not someone who sits in the office. I work with the guys. I’m out in the field with the team every day, and we meet every morning. If there’s something they need, they know to call me, and we will deal with it together.

I’m responsible for the daily planning for our guys, and I work closely with the customers’ teams in different areas. We have meetings three times a day where we work on scheduling people and planning what we’re going to do across the entire plant.

What do you like most about what you do?

I like that it’s a challenge. It’s an adventure every day. You have to be prepared for anything. We can go from a standard workload expectation to needing a full-blown turnaround on a project in a matter of hours. We might be doing a routine changing out of valves, and then we’ll go to handling a vessel that’s gone down, to re-traying vessels, to putting the side walls in reactors. There’s excitement in getting up every morning and being prepared to deal with anything that could happen.

How do you support the safety culture at Enerfab?

We have safety meetings every day. There’s no second-guessing or letting people slide when it comes to safety. Rules are rules, and we’re going to follow them. That’s just the way we operate.

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